Licensing by Jurisdiction

By Regulatory Management Counselors, P.C.

The table below provides a broad look at the various licensing requirements and ongoing reporting obligations for suppliers/vendors working with casinos located in a variety of North American jurisdictions offering casino gaming. The jurisdiction names in the first row of the table link to detailed jurisdictional analysis summarizing of the licensing and reporting obligations for each jurisdiction.

JurisdictionGaming LicenseNon-Gaming LicenseVendor License Exemptions AvailableTemporary LicenseOwnership Disclosure ThresholdPolitical Contribution RestrictionsInstitutional Investor WaiverFeesState Gaming LabTerm of LicenseDeadline to Reapply
Alberta Commercial GamingYes Yes Contact
Contact Agency 5% No No C$10,000 Contact Agency 1 - 2 Years Prior to Expiration 
Argentina Commercial GamingContact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency 
Arizona Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes Contact Tribe No Yes $1,500 - $5,000 Private 2 Years Prior to Expiration 
Australia Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No Contact Agency AUD$100 - AUD$1,000 Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact
British Columbia Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Contact Agency 5% No Yes C$1,000 - C$20,000 Public 1 Year Prior to Expiration 
California Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 10% No Yes - Contact Tribe $500 -
Private Up to 3 Years Prior to Expiration 
Colorado Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% No Yes $250 - $16,000 Public 2 Years 120 Days Prior to Expiration 
Czech Republic Commercial GamingNo No       Yes   
Delaware Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No Yes $2,000 - $4,000 Public 3 - 4 Years Prior to Expiration 
Delaware Interactive Gaming           
Florida Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No No $200 - $15,000 Public 4 Years Prior to Expiration 
France Commercial GamingNo No          
Illinois Commercial GamingYes No No No 5% No Yes $5,000 - $10,000 Private 1 Year 60 Days Prior to Expiration 
Indiana Commercial GamingYes No Contact
Yes Contact
Yes Yes $200 - $7,500 Public/
1 Year 90 Days Prior to Expiration 
Iowa Commercial GamingYes No No Yes 5% - Public
1% - Private 
No Yes $250 - $1,000 Public/
1 Year 90 Days Prior to Expiration 
Kansas Commercial GamingYes Yes No Yes 0.5% No Yes No Initial Fee Public/
Up to 2 Years 120 Days Prior to Expiration 
Louisiana Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes $200 - $15,000 Private 5 Years 60 Days Prior to Expiration 
Manitoba Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% No Yes C$150 - C$5,000 Public Up to 5 Years Prior to Expiration 
Maryland Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No Yes $500 - $25,000 Public/
3 Years Prior to Expiration 
Mexico Commercial GamingNo No          
Michigan Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% - Public
1% - Private 
Yes Yes $200 - $10,000 Public 1 Year 120 Days Prior to Expiration 
Michigan Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 10 - 15% (Contact Tribe) No Contact
$750 - $5,000 Private Up to 3 Years (Contact Tribe) 60 - 120 Days Prior to Expiration
(Contact Tribe) 
Minnesota Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 10% (Contact Tribe) No Contact Tribe $15.00 - $7,500 Contact Tribe 1 Year Contact Tribe 
Mississippi Commercial GamingYes No No No 10% - Public No Yes $5,000 Public/
Up to 3 Years 90 Days Prior to Expiration 
Missouri Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% - Public
1% - Private 
No Yes $10,000 Public/
1 Year 60 - 90 Days Prior to Expiration 
Montana Tribal GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% - Public No Yes $1,000 - $2,000 Public 1 Year Prior to Expiration 
Nevada Commercial GamingYes No Yes No All No Yes $150 - $1,000 Public Permanent  
Nevada Interactive Gaming           
New Jersey Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% No Yes $3,000 - $5,000 Public 4 Years 90 Days Prior to Expiration 
New Jersey Interactive Gaming           
New Mexico Tribal GamingYes No Yes Yes Contact Tribe No Contact Tribe Contact Tribe Private 1 Year 30 Days Prior to Expiration 
New York Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes Contact
No Contact
Private Contact
New Zealand Commercial GamingNo No          
Ohio Commercial Gaming           
Oklahoma Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No Yes Contact
Private At Least 2 Years Contact
Ontario Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes No 5% No No C$200 - C$15,000 Public/
4 Years Prior to Expiration 
Oregon Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% No Contact Tribe $250 - $50,000 Contact Tribe Contact Tribe Contact Tribe 
Pennsylvania Commercial GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% - Public Yes Yes $500 - $5,000 Public 1 Year 60 Days Prior to Expiration 
Québec Commercial GamingYes Yes Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency Contact Agency 
South Africa Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes Contact
No Contact Agency R2,000 - R120,000 Public/
1 Year Prior to Expiration 
South Dakota Commercial GamingYes No No Yes 5% No No $150 - $5,000 Private 1 Year Before the End of the Fiscal Year 
United Kingdom Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 3% No Yes GBP 100 - GBP 16,274  Contact Agency Contact Agency 
Washington Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes 5% - Public
10% Private 
No No $659 - $4,242 Public 1 Year Prior to Expiration 
West Virginia Commercial GamingYes No Yes Yes 5% - Public
1% - Private 
No Yes $100 Public 1 Year Prior to Expiration 
Wisconsin Tribal GamingYes Yes Yes Yes Contact Tribe No Yes $500 - $4,000 Private 1-3 Years Prior to Expiration 

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