Cash Management Systems, Inc.

Cash Management Systems, Inc. is your all in one supplier of products and service for the following industries: Hotel & Casinos, Banking Industry and Vending Industry. We have 12 years of industry experience and are confident we can provide you a solution for all your Hotel & Casino needs. Cash Management Systems carries top quality products such as DeLaRue, Digi, MMF, Rubbermaid, Amerisafe,and Northern Safety.
Products and Services
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Currency Handling Equipment > Sales - Service
DeLaRue Currency Counters, Vacuum Counter, Strap Counters,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Scales > Sales - Service
DeLaRue High Speed Coin Sorters, DeLaRue Coin Wrappers, Digi Coin Scales, Storage Cabinets.
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Currency Dispensing > Sales - Service
Voucher Redemption, Bill Breaking Kiosks, Currency Dispensing Products,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cage > Check Verification > Currency Counting Equipment & Acessories, Sales & Service
DeLaRue Currency Counter, Vacuum Counter, Under Counter Cabinets, CPU Cabinets, Chip Cabinets, Storage Cabinets,Time Stamps,Check Encoders, Ribbons, Journal Tape, DeLaRue Coin Wrappers, DeLaRue Coin Sorter, Digi Scales, Chip Racks, Token Racks, Chip Trays, Soft Count Bankers Station, Counterfeit Detection Products, Strap Counters, Wiz Form Dispensors, Fire Safes, Cash Trays, Bill Strap Racks, Currency Straps,Deposit ticket holders, Chip Carriers.Currency Bags, Vinyle Document Holders, Finger Print Pads, Sortwick
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Table Games > Accessories > BlackJack Switch
Basically the player plays 2 blackjack hands and places 2 identical bets to allow for this. The main element of the game is that the player is allowed to 'switch' (exchange) cards between hands, if desired. Card Dice Bags
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > Other > Equipment, Supplies, Sales & Service
Slot Booth Scale ( Digi ) Printer Labels, Automatic Slot Lifts, Metal Cabinetry, High Security Locks, Metal Slot Bases, Slot Tickets, Slot Tech Cabinetry, Slot Tech Work Benches.
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cage > Vaults > Sales & Service
DelaRue Coin/Currency Counting Products , Digi Scale Products, Coin & Currency Supplies, Drop Carts, Fill Carts, Bill Validator Carts
Entertainment and Special Events > Amusement > Other > Change Makers, Coin Currency Dispensers, Currency Counters
Changer Bill to Bill, Bill Changer Token Dispenser, Ticket Dispenser, Front load changers, Rear load changers, DeLaRue Coin and Currency Products, Ticket Rolls,
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > Other
Provide Hardware and Software Services, Slot Wallets, Tool Aprons, Slot Aprons, Slot Fanny Packs
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Banking and Cashier Supplies > Slot, Cage, Hard Count & Soft Count Supplies
Automatic Coin Wrap, Nylon Bag Ties, Crimps, Counterfiet Pens, Ribbons, Journal Tape,Drop Buckets, Currency Straps, Hopper Bags, Chip Racks, Token Racks, Bank Deposit Bags, Transit Bags, Bag Tags, Key Boxes, Key Tags, Cash Drawers, Cash Trays,Bill Strap Racks, Deposit Ticket Holders,Loose Change Holders,Rachet Style Seal Press, Counter Check Seperators,Vinyl Document Holders, Coin Bags,Security bags,Transit Sacs,Key Holders, Wrist Coils,Steel Cashier Pad Racks,
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Safes > Cash Management Systems; Inc, Carry's Complete line of In Room Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes, Fire Safes
In Room Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes, Fire Safes, Employee Lockers,
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Furnishings
In Room Furniture, Bellman Carts, Chairs, Lamps, Tableware, China, Glassware, Mini Bars, Food Service Equipment, Clock Radios Coffee Makers, Shoe polishers, Excersise Equipment, Baby Highchairs, Beds, TV, Hair Dryers, Ice Buckets, Glassware, Tables, Bathroom Products, Baggage Racks, Hangers
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Other > Housekeeping, Lundry Equipment, EVS Equipment
Housekeeping Trucks, Dry Cleaning Bags, Laundry Carts, Irons, Ironing Boards, hangers, Towels, Bellman Carts, Floor Cleaning and Polishing Machines, Baby Changing Stations, Public Bathroom Accessories
Entertainment and Special Events > Events > Other > Banquet
Banquet Tables, Folding Chairs, Table and Chair Caddys, Tableware China and Hardware, Glassware, Tabletop Accessories, Silverware, Lecterns, Podiums, Parquet Dance Floor - Cam lock, Oak
Facility Design and Construction > Security > Key Control Systems > Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets, Key Rings, Key Tags, Security Rings, Key Coils, Single Tag Cabinets, Hook Style Cabinets, Two Tag Cabinets, Lockout Tagout , Locks, Signage, Flashlights, Warning Lights, Caution Tapes, First Aid Kits, Fire Safety Products, CPR Products,
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Cage Cabinetry
Cage Cabinetry - Metal Cabinetry, Wide selection of sizes, Draw configurations, Under counter, Chip storage, CPU Cabinets, Storage cabinets, Cash Trays, let our team work with you from design to Installation
Administration and Finance > Finance & Accounting > Other
Check Endorsers, Check Encoders, Check Strippers,
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Floor Mats
Commercial mats,Chair mats, Anti static mats, Anti fatigue mats, many styles and sizes
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Lifting Systems
Pallet Jacks,
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Storage Systems
Storage Cabinets, Storage Bin Systems, Storage Lockers, Storage Racki Systems, Bulk Storage & Cantilever Racks,Key Cabinets, tool Boxes & Cabinets
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > Drop Tickets > Slot Tickets
Slot Tickets - 4 Spot colors
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > Accessories > Powered Slot Lifts
Reduces Labor Cost, Eliminates Back Injurys, Puch Button,
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Janitorial Equipment and Supplies > Restroom Equipment and Supplies
Cleaners & Degreasers, Disinfectants & Brooms & Dust Pans, Trash Receptacles, Squeegees, Sanitizers Paper Products, Mops & Buckets, Vacums, Dispensers, Signage, Protective Gloves & Disposoble Gloves, Scrub brushes, Toliet Products
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Safety Products > First Aid, Protective Safety Products and Equipment
First Aid Kits, Head and Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Gloves, Fall Protection, Emergency Eye Wash, Fire Safety, Biohazard, Safety Eyeware, Protective Clothing, Safety Storage & Spill Control
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Warehousing > Wharehouse & Recieving Equipment & Supplies
Hand trucks, Dollies, Pallet Jacks,Utility Carts, Platform Trucks, Rolling Step Ladders, Restocking Trucks, Storage Racks & Systems,Heavy Duty Utility Trucks,Self Dumping Hoppers, Recycling Equipment, Conveyors, Dock Boards & Bumpers, Strip Doors & Accessories, Wheel Chocks, Shop Cabinetry,
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > Accessories
Slot Wallets, Fanny Packs, Tool Pouches, Slot Aprons, Parts Storage Systems, Slot Tech Work Benches,Mobile & Fixed Tool Storage Cabinets, Storage & Transport Bag, Key Holders & Wrist Coils, Key Cabinets.
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cage > Check Verification
Check Encoders
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Hard Count > Sales & Service
Coin Wrappers, Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, Drop Carts, Automatic Coin wrap, Scales, Drop Buckets, Coin Bags, Nylon ties, Tags, Crimps, Crimpers.
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Soft Count
Currency Straps, Bill Strap Racks, Strap Bags, Cash Transmittal Bags, Tamper Evident Bags. Soft Count Table, Table Game Drop Carts, Poker Carts, Bill Validator Carts, Storage Cabinets, Fill Carts, Plexi Banker Station, Currency Counters
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Wheels and Casters
Furniture Casters, Light Duty Locking Swivel and rigid Casters, Med Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Replacement Wheels, Pneumatic Casters.
Audio/Visual, Electrical and Signage > Displays > Other
Bullentin Boards, Signage, Message Boards,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cage > Safes
Safes, Fire Safes
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cage > Change Banks
Cabinetry - Undercounter Fixed Mobile Cabinetry, Custom Design
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Tools > Power & Hand Tools
Power Tools- Drills, Saws, Chop Saws, Grinders, Band Saws, Sanders,Table top Saws, Jig saws, Routers, Compressors,Air Impact Wrenches,Air guns & Air Hoses, Tape Measures, Levels, Markers, Chalks, hammers, Hand Saws,Utility knives, Hex Sets, Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Socket Sets, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Vise Grips, C Clamps, Pry Bars, Vices,Bolt Cutters, Chisels, Hack Saws, Snips, Staple Guns, Glue Guns, Rivet Tools, Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Cutters, Threader Sets, Welding HatsWelding Equipment & Accessories, Tool Cabinets tool Pouches, Tool benches
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Engineering > Ground & Maintenance Equipment
Spreaders, Wheelbarrows, Cutting tools, Sprayers, Hoses and Accessories,Shovels, Spades, Racks, Collection Tools
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Beverage > Coffee Brewing Equipment
Coffe Makers
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Beverage > In-room Bar Systems
Mini Bars
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Beverage > Other
Beverage Cart
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Bathroom Accessories
Towel Racks, Facial Tissue Holders, Toliet Tissue Holders, Hair Dryers.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Linens
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Sheets
Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases
Administration and Finance > Office > Document Destruction and Paper Shredders
Paper Shredders
Facility Design and Construction > Décor > Furniture, Metal Products
Hotel Room Furniture, Cabinetry - Front Desk, Cage, Modular Metal Cabinetry
Advertising, Marketing and Sales > Printing & Engraving > Tickets
Slot Tickets
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Bill Validator Carts > Sales
Bill Validator Carts Standard and Custum Sizes, Availble in Hinged and Sliding Door
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Coin Bags
Coin Bags - Cotton Duck - Flat or Square bottom, Plastic Self Sealing Coin Bags,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Banking and Cashier Supplies > Sales
Cash Drawers, Cash Trays,Coin & Bill Trays,Counterfeit Pens,Currency Straps, Bill Strap Racks, Deposit ticket Holders,Automatic Coin Wrap,Preformed ShellsCountex Coin Holders,Crimps, Nylon Ties, Rachet Style Press, Tags,Bag Seals,Counter Check Seperators,Vinyl Document Jackets,Tamper Evident bags, Coin Bags,Strap Bags,Security BagsKey Coils, Key Tags and much more
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Coin Wrapping > Sales
De La Rue Automatic High Speed Coin Wrapper
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Change Banks > Sales, Consulting & Installation
Modular Metal Under Counter Cabinets, Many Sizes and Drawer and Door Configurations to Choose From, Mobile cabinets, Chip Storage Cabinets, Will Assit in your Design Requirements.
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Carts
Hard Count Carts, Bill Validator Carts, Poker Carts, Fill Carts, Chip & Dice Carts,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Cash Storage Equipment
Metal Modular Cabinets, Cash Trays, Cash Drawers,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Counterfeit Detectors > Sales
Counterfeit Detection Pens, Counterfeit Detection Equipment, Sure' N Fast Counterfeit Detector
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Cash Handling Equipment > Sales
De Las Rue EV86 Note Counters UV and EMG
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Cash Handling > Scales
Digi Coin Sacles Model DMC 688 & Model 290,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Chips & Tokens > Coin Bags
Slef Sealing Coin bags
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Chips & Tokens > Chip Holders
Chip Racks,Chip Trays, Chip Carriers,
Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > Chips & Tokens > Coin and Chip Storage
Heavey Duty Chip Storage Cabinet - Sizes & Options Avaiable
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Laundry Equipment
Laundry Carts, Linen Carts, Housekeeping Carts, Bellman Carts
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Crowd Control
Retractable Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, Wall Mounted Units,
Facility Design and Construction > Décor > Ash Urns
Ash Urns
Administration and Finance > Office > Other
Bulletin Boards, Pedestal Letter Boards, Esels, Display Rails
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Restrooms
Paper Goods, Cleaners, Disinfectants, Dispensers,
Audio/Visual, Electrical and Signage > Displays > Message
Message Boards
Facility Design and Construction > Security > Locks
Locks- Pad Locks, High Security Locks, Lock out - Tag out Stations
Facility Design and Construction > Security > Poly Bags
Security Bags, Tamper Evident Bags, Dice Bags
Gaming Equipment and Supplies > Slots > TITO Tickets
Slot Tickets,
Facility Design and Construction > Facilities > Ear Plugs and Ear Molds
Ear Plugs
Audio/Visual, Electrical and Signage > Lighting > Supplies
Ligt Bulbs
955 White Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Toll Free: (800) 577-5540
Phone: (702) 870-1197
Fax: (702) 921-6364
Sales:  Mr. Bob Graziano, National Sales Director
Mr. Sean McCrory, Account Rep - Las Vegas
Finance:  Mr. Chet Wright, CFO, Director of Finanace
Additional Information
Date Established: December, 1992
Parent Company: Legal iGaming Inc.
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