Oracle Hospitality

• Oracle Hospitality (formerly MICROS) provides leading enterprise-wide applications, services and hardware for the hospitality industry. Serving an extensive portfolio of clients worldwide, Oracle Hospitality solutions are utilized in hotels, casinos, table and quick service restaurants, sports and entertainment, cruise, and travel operations in more than 180 countries, and on all seven continents. Oracle Hospitality combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide cloud-based, mobile and on-premise solutions that allow its customers to streamline operations and provide exceptional guest experiences.
Products and Services
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Enterprise Solution
The Oracle MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution (OES) is a fully integrated suite of products consisting of modules that can be easily added or expanded, allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments. Available OPERA modules include Property Management, Sales & Catering, Revenue Management, Vacation Ownership Management, Gaming Integration, Central Reservations, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Web Booking Engine, and the OPERA Kiosk.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Gaming
Link the power of your casino player tracking system (PTS) with Oracle OPERA PMS. OPERA Gaming allows OPERA and your casino system to exchange intelligence in real time, enabling quick fact-based management decisions and highly targeted guest service. Request and award comps; monitor and control comp expenses; enroll guests in the casino system and generate player IDs; and provide secure access to up-to-the-minute details on guest expenditures, stay histories, and gaming stats. OPERA Gaming will foster guest satisfaction, increase staff productivity, tackle escalating costs, and add new value to your PTS.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Simphony Point of Sale
Oracle's MICROS Simphony is the first enterprise-enabled, service-oriented solution offered to the L&E market. Built using a modern, flexible architecture and a services-oriented design, Simphony provides superior scalability and integration capabilities. The service orientation of the product means it closely reflects the processes and flow of the business, fully supporting diverse deployment and operational requirements that match individual customer needs. Simphony is not an enterprise system or a locally hosted application. It is a service-based business solution that may be deployed in a manner that best fits the needs of the business. Simphony users may choose to centrally host an entire enterprise or deploy the complete application to a single location. Simphony’s design also allows the product to be deployed across a number of physical servers in a “scale-out” configuration, which allows additional servers to be added to a configuration as the business grows, instead of replacing existing servers with larger, more expensive hardware. The complete set of Simphony scalability and resiliency features make it the most robust and technology failure tolerant solution on the planet.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Central Reservations
The Oracle's OPERA Reservation System (ORS) is at the heart of the hotel industry's first enterprise-wide inventory and reservation management system. ORS is seamlessly integrated with the entire OPERA product family —the Customer Information System, Property Management System, Sales & Catering, and Sales Force Administration. ORS offers central reservations agents and global sales staff the tools to maximize bookings and increase revenue in any size chain or multi-property environment. ORS easily handles all types of reservations — individual, group and party, company, travel agent, multi-legged, multi-rate, and waitlisted.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Customer Information System
OCIS, the Oracle's OPERA Customer Information System, gathers and manages guest, travel agent, source, group, and company profile data in a central database that can be shared by multiple properties. OCIS collects demographic information (mail and email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), complete stay details, production data, and revenue statistics. In addition, the OCIS Membership module supports virtually any type of loyalty program. OCIS can be used strategically by the hotel or hotel chain to support sales efforts and to enhance customer relationship management.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Web Suite
The flexible Oracle's OPERA Web Suite provides a protected consumer web booking front end to OPERA Property Management and Reservation Systems. This tool will allow guests and third party bookers to book reservation via your web page and through other third party booking sources.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS mymicros Business Intelligence
Oracle's MICROS Simphony Analytics is a content-rich Internet portal for the restaurant and hotel industry that includes access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, back office, data warehousing, business intelligence, and other business applications and content. Simphony Analytics creates the next-generation model of restaurant and hotel enterprise systems and extends the capability for existing Oracle Hospitality customers with modules like iCare to manage gift card and loyalty programs; myinventory to manage inventories at a single site or multiple sites; and XBRi Infinium Loss Prevention to combat fraud in your operation.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > OPERA Vacation Ownership System
The Oracle's OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS) is a comprehensive and flexible system, consisting of multiple modules that are fully integrated into the OPERA Enterprise Solution. The integrated OPERA Vacation Ownership System seamlessly accommodates the property management requirements of condominium operations, as well as mixed condo and hotel environments. OVOS offers a wide range of benefits including improved customer service, efficient owner fulfillment for vacation rentals, efficient internal unit management operations, and control over financial data integrity.
Audio/Visual, Electrical and Signage > Displays > Kiosks > Oracle's OPERA Kiosk
Oracle's OPERA Kiosk is the first hotel kiosk to combine the ability of guests to check in and out of their rooms and the ability to check in for flights. Utilizing the same self-service technology that already drives millions of airline passengers a year through airports, OPERA Kiosk brings a new level of comfort and convenience to hotels and their guests. Not only does OPERA Kiosk enhance guest satisfaction, it also enhances employee satisfaction, by being an always on-call ‘agent’ to quickly service the needs of arriving and departing guests who want to check in or check out quickly.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > Oracle's OPERA Kiosk
Oracle's OPERA Kiosk is the first hotel kiosk to combine the ability of guests to check in and out of their rooms and the ability to check in for flights. Utilizing the same self-service technology that already drives millions of airline passengers a year through airports, OPERA Kiosk brings a new level of comfort and convenience to hotels and their guests. Not only does OPERA Kiosk enhance guest satisfaction, it also enhances employee satisfaction, by being an always on-call ‘agent’ to quickly service the needs of arriving and departing guests who want to check in or check out quickly.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS Kiosk
The Oracle's MICROS Kiosk solution provides a simple, easy-to-use, fully integrated customer information or self ordering device. Running on robust MICROS hardware or any other appropriate hardware device, our scalable kiosk solution can be mixed and matched with traditional POS terminals or hand-held devices in any installation to increase your revenue, reduce labor costs, and provide a reasonable ROI.
IT and Telecommunications > MIS > Computer Systems > Oracle's MICROS POS Systems
Oracle's MICROS provides comprehensive restaurant and food service outlet point-of-sale (POS), enterprise and consumer faced solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. Our modular restaurant enterprise solutions can easily be expanded as required, and can fit the demands of quick-service, fast casual, and full-service restaurants, as well as catering, and bars and nightclubs.
IT and Telecommunications > MIS > Computer Systems > Oracle's OPERA Enterprise Solution
The Oracle's OPERA Enterprise Solution (OES) is a full-featured, integrated, web-enabled, multi-lingual and scalable suite of products consisting of modules for the hospitality industry.OPERA offers effective and easy deployment for smaller, independent single and multi-property operations and global, multi-branded hotel chain and casino environments. OPERA Enterprise software solutions can be deployed in any size environment, from a single property with just Front Office to a large, full-service hotel and casino with Sales & Catering, Revenue Management, Spa and Golf and Materials Control. In addition, OES enterprise software solutions offer products for a chain’s corporate office, including Central Reservations Systems for centralized guestroom bookings, Sales Force Automation for centralised function space sales, and Customer Information System, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package specifically designed for the hotel industry.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Retail > Systems > Oracle's MICROS Retail POS Systems
Oracle's MICROS offers comprehensive, fully integrated capabilities for retail point-of-sale, inventory management, loss prevention, and gift card/customer loyalty programs. Transactions can be handled from a conventional cash wrap or mobile POS. Furthermore, your store systems share information with your other channels, enabling a truly cross-channel shopping experience.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS mymenu
Oracle's MICROS has introduced the mymenu consumer facing product for an interactive customer experience when viewing menus and upcoming events. Designed for use with many of today’s popular tablets including the Apple iPad and transforming the menu item selection and ordering process into a memorable and educational experience for the guest, mymenu provides casino and restaurant operators with an opportunity to showcase upcoming events, programs, promotions, food and beverage menus, and featured items within the restaurant or throughout the casino. The mymenu application allows guests to simply view the restaurant’s menu or start a check through the tablet device, order desired items, and then add additional items to the same guest check at a later point. All orders placed from the mymenu application are processed and sent to the bar and kitchen printers or the Oracle's MICROS Kitchen Display System for preparation, just as an order placed through the Oracle's MICROS workstation. The patron can retrieve check details from the tablet device at any time during the visit, viewing full item details of the check and the total price of items ordered. When the meal is completed, the diner can even pay directly through the tablet device.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS webOrdering
webOrdering is Oracle's MICROS's consumer facing online food and beverage ordering solution for restaurant environments provides restaurant operators with the opportunity to increase sales through new sales channels and introduce operational efficiencies resulting in increased order accuracy and reduced labor costs. Built upon a flexible, robust eCommerce framework, Oracle's MICROS’s webOrdering links your restaurant to the Internet, allowing you to focus on operations without worrying about network connectivity details. Orders placed from any online channel are sent to the restaurant and processed just like an order entered at a POS workstation. Details such as condiment handling and inventory exports are addressed in mycentral configuration, creating a seamless workflow for restaurant staff. mycentral features flexible user interface design and content management capabilities, providing operators with the opportunity to extend their brand beyond the four walls of the restaurant.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Food > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS myreservations
Oracle's MICROS has introduced an online reservations module to provide an additional customer convenience and improve the guest experience for casino and restaurant goers. Provide an added feature to your guests with the new Oracle's MICROS myreservations tool, a cloud-based restaurant reservations system that enables seating availability lookup and reservation booking directly from your website. The product is fully integrated with the Oracle's MICROS 3700 Table Management System (TMS), allowing for an accurate count of inventory and availability in real-time to be configured at the store level from within the MICROS 3700 TMS module and exposed on the Internet. Draw in additional patrons to your restaurants and to the casino floor with this customer friendly booking engine. If there are no suitable tables at the guest’s chosen time, then availability within a two hour window either side of that time is shown to the customer. Once a reservation is booked, a confirmation email is sent to the customer and the reservation and dining preferences are updated directly in the Oracle's MICROS TMS without the need for any further data entry from the restaurant staff. With this fully integrated solution provided by Oracle's MICROS, the host is able to utilize one system to view reservations and match them with the status of each table in real-time. Drive more traffic to your website, to contribute to your strategic online marketing program and increase site visits and brand awareness of your casino and restaurant offerings.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > Oracle's OPERA2Go
Oracle's MICROS's OPERA2Go taps into the abundance of functionality found in the OPERA Enterprise Solution by combining the flexibility of the Oracle's MICROS Hotel Commerce Platform and the proven power of OPERA Web Services. With an unlimited portfolio of User Interfaces being driven from the Oracle's MICROS Hotel Commerce Platform, OPERA2Go can be customized to meet the needs of any hotel chain or individual property looking to mobilize its workforce. From Mobile Front Desk Agents performing Check-in and Check-out, to Housekeepers managing the room status during their daily rounds, OPERA2Go helps our hotel partners gain the needed efficiencies required to deliver unsurpassed customer service.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS webHotel
Oracle's MICROS has introduced a website design and management solution to provide an additional convenience to the hotel operator and customer and improve the overall guest experience for casino resort and hotel goers. The webHotel platform features three components to create a fully integrated website for your property with a content management system allowing for a customized website, personalized content for the guest to enhance the customer experience and increase bookings, and an integrated booking engine to drive more revenue. webHotel integrates directly with the OPERA Reservation System and to allow customers to view available room inventories in real-time and include preferences for their visit. Once a booking is completed, a confirmation email is sent to the guest and the reservation is directly updated within the OPERA Reservation System and business intelligence platform without the need for additional data entry by property staff. Draw in travelers from around the world by optimizing your website’s performance with targeted keywords, user-friendly website navigation, personalized promotions, and links to travel related social media sites. Customize your online marketing plan with website activity reporting and analysis tools to help determine the effectiveness of your website. Drive traffic to your hotel property, casino floor, restaurant tables, and retail shops with added visibility in the online space to showcase your offerings.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS myStayManager
myStayManager is a mobile application that your guests can load onto their personal devices to book reservations and customize their hotel stay. This unique e-commerce solution provides each of your guests with a personalized communication platform, enhancing engagement with your hotel. Use myStayManager in combination with a loyalty program, and watch the number of repeat guests increase dramatically! From his or her own personal mobile device, each guest can find your hotel; make, change or cancel a reservation; manage his or her own preferences; check in; order room service or housekeeping; retrieve messages; schedule a wake-up call; view billing information; and check out.
Hotel, Retail, Food and Beverage > Hotel > Software Systems > Oracle's MICROS webProposal
Oracle's MICROS's webProposal is a unique Web-enabled tool for creating, distributing and managing proposals for meetings, sales and catering – accented with a professionally designed, customized touch. Through a series of simple steps, your sales manager can select a template and automatically assemble a new Web proposal – pulling up-to-the minute client and contact information, room requirements, meeting space needs, catering specifications and other details for the selected business block – all mined directly from your OPERA Property Management System. Proposals are sent to clients via email as a URL link to an HTML format presentation and/or as a PDF document.
Physical Address:  Mailing Address:
6480 Cameron Street
Suite 305
Las Vegas, Maryland 89118
 7031 Columbia Gateway Drive
 Columbia, Maryland 21046-2289
Toll Free: (866) 287-4736
Phone: (443) 285-6000
Marketing:  Louise Casamento, Senior Director, Hospitality Marketing

Upper Management:  Mr. Scott Lampman, Vice President - Gaming - Global

Sales:  Mr. Michael Sacks, Director of Sales - Gaming - Asia Pacific

Mr. Robert Garity, Director of Sales - Gaming - U.S. & Canada

News Articles
MGM Grand at Foxwoods picks MICROS system
12 Jun 2008
MICROS Systems, Inc. reports that the MGM Grand at Foxwoods has selected the MICROS 9700 point-of-sale solution for its food and beverage operation.
Las Vegas Sands chooses Micros Systems
4 Mar 2008
Micros Systems, Inc. reports that Las Vegas Sands Corp. has selected MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System for The Palazzo Las Vegas.
Pechanga chooses MICROS
27 Nov 2007
MICROS Systems reports that Pechanga Development Corporation has selected the MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution for its Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California.
Twin Rivers picks MicroSystems
16 Oct 2007
MICROS Systems reports that Twin River, a $220 million world-class gaming, dining and entertainment venue in Lincoln, Rhode Island, has selected MICROS Systems as its technology foundation.
Boyd Gaming standardizes management system
7 Mar 2007
Boyd Gaming Inc. has selected the MICROS 9700 Hospitality and Retail Management System as its standard technology solution and will deploy the 9700 HMS throughout its Coast Casinos division.
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